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Here are the principal services that we provide

All our services are especially tailored for small and medium enterprises, CICs, and 3rd Sector organisations that may not have their own IT staff. We also have cost effective solutions for single employee / self-employed businesses that only have minimal IT systems. We offer the same high level of care and expertise regardless of the size of the company or its information systems.




Data & System Security

The level of threat from viruses, ransomware, hackers and thieves has never been so high. On top of that, there are ever changing and more stringent regulations and policies regarding the data you are storing, how it is stored and the rights of individuals to see the data that you hold abouit them. Soon it will be a requirement to disclose security breaches that involve data about individuals. We offer a range of services designed to help you be at ease with your system security and compliance. We can deliver training and workshops to all levels of staff that will ensure the best possible 'cyber-hygiene' practices to help reduce the level of risk to your business and compliance with your legal obligations.




Secure Data Deletion

Recent changes to data protection regulations will require businesses to securely delete data that is no longer required. It is good practice to ensure that this data cannot be recovered - ever. Keep your business secrets a secret especially when disposing of redundant computers. We can help you to remove data from disks, flash drives and other media in a way that will prevent the data being recovered and mean the media can still be used - saving you time and money.




Managed Backup

We provide a fully managed backup solution for your business. We remotely manage and monitor your system backups for you, from our central management system. The system automatically flags warnings and failures and all events are checked by our staff to ensure you have the highest quality backup possible. The backups are encrypted with a secure 256 byte AES advanced encryption algorithm and are then securely stored on a highly redundant cloud storage system. We tailor the backup schedule to suit your business requirements. We can even provide near real-time replication of your data should this be an operational requirement. We can also provide the same highly secure storage for you to use with other cloud services that you may need to back up. We can also arrange for very economical long term archival cloud storage.




System Recovery

Building on our managed backup system, we can offer server level recovery in the event of a disaster situation. The cloud platform we use is highly scalable and can be configured to handle all the traffic that may be needed to support your business activities. As all your valuable data is already backed up to storage systems on the same platform, server recovery times are relatively quick – in some cases as little as 10 minutes. There is no need to wait for backup tapes or drives to arrive at a recovery facility and no need to acquire extra hardware – all you need is connectivity to get your customers and staff linked up to your recovery systems. In the event of your business needing almost instantaneous recovery – we are able to keep virtual systems running and ready with near real-time copies of all your essential data and systems.




Disaster Recovery & Continuity Planning

An essential part of your business, your disaster recovery and continuity plan is designed to help you overcome any disasters that may occur. Your continuity plan is there to help you focus on what is important to keeping your business moving while your IT systems are being recovered. We are able to provide consultancy and workshops to help you think positively about disaster recovery and continuity planning.




Risk Consultancy & Training

Are you ‘Risk Literate’? The world of risk analysis can be confusing and worrying. It can become very complicated and onerous and quickly overwhelm you in doom and gloom. Being ‘risk literate’ is being able to understand what risks really are, how to quantify them and how to use risk awareness to identify opportunities for business development. We can provide workshops and short, simple training sessions to help you understand risk and use risk analysis methods effectively to support and protect your business.




Managed Anti-Virus & Anti-Malware

We provide a centrally managed and monitored anti-virus and anti-malware system to help protect your data from cyber-attack. The system is cloud based and uses a global intelligence network to learn and protect against malware, viruses and ransomware as they become known.




Training & Education

Cyber-Hygiene Training

One of the primary ways to prevent infection from viruses and malware is to promote good user awareness and habits – or good ‘Cyber-Hygiene’. If your employees have a good basic level of knowledge of the ways that malware can infect and corrupt your systems, they are less likely to become prone to simple mistakes that can lead to disastrous consequences for both your company and ultimately their job security. The training will also serve them well for avoiding home attacks and costly fraud through phishing emails. Help your employees and your business overall become knowledgeable internet and email users and keep your organisation safe.





As a business owner and manager, it is important that you understand how viruses and malware – particularly ransomware – can infiltrate your systems and cause disruption and both monetary and data loss to your organisation – potentially losing the trust of your customers. You also have an increasing number of obligations under data protection law to secure data. We can help you understand the nature of threats, how they get into your systems and what tools are available to help you prevent this happening.




Data Protection Regulations

We provide training to help you understand the requirements of data protection legislation and how it affects your business. We outline some of the basic principles of data security that are considered good practice. Personal data in your organisation must also be protected from unauthorised access, theft and loss and the new GDPR requires that you have policies and procedures in place to demonstrate and achieve the aims of the regulations. We will cover many other important aspects to give you all the information you need to formulate and implement a good set of policies and procedures to control and secure your companies data.